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Rules of this Message Board
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Welcome to the Hotel Rooms for ReSale!

John Foster, Esq., CHME, MeCo’s legal expert, recommends that planners use appropriate wording in their hotel contracts in order to allow some or all of their hotel contract obligations to be assigned. Wording similar to the following will suffice:

‘Group may assign some or all of its rights and obligations in this contract for guest rooms and meeting space to another meeting sponsor in the event of attrition or cancellation by Group. For such an assignment to be effective, the substitute meeting sponsor must agree to the same rates, prices, terms and conditions as agreed to by Group. Group will remain responsible for all of its obligations in the contract unless the hotel gives its written consent to a release and substitution of the second meeting sponsor for the Group. Hotel’s consent will not be unreasonably withheld’.
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TOPIC: Rules of this Message Board
Rules of this Message Board 6 Years, 2 Months ago  
HELPING MEETING MANAGERS MITIGATE ATTRITION DAMAGES Due to overwhelming demand from MeCo list members, the Meetings Community has created this bulletin board as a communication tool to assist those with an under performing contracted room block.

This bulletin board should only be used for group contracted hotel rooms (ie, no advertising) and any meeting manager with Rooms for Resale should check with the contracted hotel to verify that the hotel rooms in their group room block may be subcontracted.

Disclaimer: The Rooms for Resale bulletin board is a unmoderated board provided for MeCo Members who wish to assist each other with extra rooms they have available. MeCo takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented in any post on this page. MeCo receives no compensation in any way from this page or from any members. MeCo is not responsible in any way for actions or agreements made regarding the posts on this bulletin board.

If you have Rooms for Resale, please post the following

* Property & Location
* Number and Types of Rooms Available
* Hotel Dates
* Your contact name and number (so other meeting managers on the list may reach you to discuss the possibility of utilizing some of your contracted room block"

MeCo is not responsible for the accuracy of any messages on this board.
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